Monday, December 20, 2010

japón shop

OHH I missed you so much. I'm back to the blog, finally! I thought I would have to let my dear work here for behind cos it was being hard to find sometime to make posts and researches or even reply the cute e-mails I receive every week. Work is hard. Not this one, my web designer full-time job slavery. But let's back to where I left, cute and fresh news served everyday (almost). I do what I can, sorry. Maybe now on holidays I'll have more free time, hope so. Btw, everybody excited for Christmas already? :)

So, I've found this cute shop called Japón Shop. So kawaii! Check it out.


  1. ahh, cada coisa fofa *--*
    Morri com os pintinhos

    Ahh, eu entendo bem como é
    Tive que abandonar meu blog por uns tempos por causa da correria da faculdade >_<
    Nem tinha tempo de comentar nos blogs que eu sigo .__.
    Agora tô tirando o atraso, hehe

    Mas que bom que está de volta \o/

    E respondendo a sua pergunta, tô ansiosa pro Natal sim ^-^

  2. Oh, you're a webmaster, how cool is that! ;) I love the bunny keychain or whatever that was, so cute! :)

    Hope you're having a nice week!

  3. hi miki! ys, web designer and some other things! i love photography too :)

    it's too damn hot in here but it's ok, i'm having an amazing time with my friends lately..and too much work too. i'm so tired!

    i miss talking to you! hope you're having a great week too <3

  4. pois é ju! eu me sinto até mal em não estar correspondendo a todos do jeito que eu gosto mas fazer o quê...não temos tempo! hehe

    esse natal eu sinto que será divertido, espero que o seu seja ótimo! ^^

  5. Wow! Such a nice tip! I'll keep checking it, maybe I'll find something nice to buy there!

    What do you think about the Sanrio Brazilian Online Store?
    I'm kinda expectant, since there's few stuff there...


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